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Aamu Tech is a value adding technical and marketing partner for different type of companies - from local start-ups to globally well-known companies. We provide a variaty of high-end components and solutions for base stations, mobile devices, Internet of Things applications, wearables and many other devices in the Nordic region. We are helping companies to find customers as well as partners to create new business opportunities, solutions and products.

We are a dynamic and motivated business partner who focuses on creating value for our Nordic customers and for our world's leading partners of components & services.

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To contact us, call +358 40 7308921 or email ari.kalliokoski (@) aamutech.fi

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Outdoor. Industry. Communication.

Rugged mobile phones

Aamu Tech is a distributor in Scandinavia for rugged mobile phones and tables by RugGear which are targeted for people loving outdoor activities as well for professionals working in environments ranging from fashion markets to mining etc.


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Partron Ltd is Korean based electronic component and product provider. Aamu Tech is proud to offer and bring these great products now into Finland market. Don't hesitate to contact us and get familiar with these BRILLIANT Partron products.


-Wireless Stereo Headsets
-Waterproof Smart Activity Band
-Non-contacting FDA certified Thermometer
-Wireless Charger for QI standard

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Ari Kalliokoski

Founder and CEO